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Are you a professional Vedic astrologer or studying Vedic astrology? Look no further than Shiva Jyotisha Professional, the online software designed specifically for professionals.

With thousands of users from around the world, including India, the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine and more, Shiva Jyotisha Professional generates and analyzes thousands of horoscopes per day with unparalleled accuracy.

Using the NASA JPL ephemeris and ancient sources, this online program provides highly precise horoscope calculations. Plus, with its user-friendly design, Shiva Jyotisha Professional is easy to navigate and use.

One of the biggest advantages of this program is its accessibility across multiple devices. Whether you're working from a computer, smartphone or tablet, all of your data is stored in one account, allowing you to seamlessly access your saved information from anywhere.

In addition to creating horoscopes in the Nirayana system, Shiva Jyotisha Professional also allows you to generate horoscopes in the more ancient Sayana system, making it a truly comprehensive tool for Vedic astrologers.

And for those looking for a personalized panchanga for the year, Shiva Jyotisha Professional offers a PDF version available for purchase in their online store.

Join the ranks of thousands of professional Vedic astrologers around the world and try Shiva Jyotisha Professional today.

Vedic Astrology Guru Shiva Vaakya Siddha Baba

Shiva Vaakja Siddha Baba - Guru of Sanaatana Dharma. Guru is dealing with Vedic, Tantric and Yoga tradition since 1976 and consulting and teaching since 1989. He is inspirer and Spiritual Father of our program.

"I am using program Shiva Jyotisha Professional since 2016. I am very satisfied."


Products & Services

Basic horoscope

Basic horoscope contains D-1 chart, information regarding status of grahas (planets), panchanga information, navansha (D-9), shadbala, detailed shadbala, bhava bala, yogas, doshas, ashtakavarga.

Information regarding status of grahas

This block includes following data - name of graha, detailed degrees, nakshatra, nakshatra pada, tarabala, graha age, other statuses of graha (pushkara, pushkara bhakti, gandanta etc).

Panchanga information

Panchanga information containse following elements: Vaara, Hora, Tithi, Yoga, Nakshatra, Karana, Muhurta, Panchakam, Samvatsara, Maasa, Yogi, Avayogi, Sahayogi, Bhrigu Bindu, Gotra, Kratu, Chandra Vela, Chandra Avastha, Chandra Kriya.

Yogas and Doshas

We have separated these to in two divisions - yogas and doshas. These elements are very useful in practical work of astrologer, giving immediate diagnostics of situation. Developers of program on regular bases append new yogas and doshas to be automatically recognized by program.


There are multiple options of displaying Ashtakavarga. You can set it in your personal settings.

Yogas & Doshas

The program gathers a variety of important yogas and doshas defined by Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra and other sources. These elements are regularly updated, giving customers the very practical applications to what is seen horoscope.


The program calculates 24 vargas:

  1. Janma chakra (D-1) 
  2. Hora (D-2) 
  3. Drekkana (D-3) 
  4. Chaturthamsha (D-4) 
  5. Panchamsha (D-5) 
  6. Shashtamsha (D-6) 
  7. Saptamsha (D-7) 
  8. Ashtamsha (D-8)
  9. Navansha (D-9)
  10. Dashamsha (D-10)
  11. Rudramsha (D-11)
  12. Dvadashamsha (D-12)
  13. Shodashamsha (D-16)
  14. Vimshamsha (D-20)
  15. Chaturvimshamsha (D-24)
  16. Saptavimshamsha (D-27)
  17. Trimshamsha (D-30)
  18. Khavedamsha (D-40)
  19. Akshavedamsha (D-45)
  20. Shashtiamsha (D-60)
  21. Astanavamsha (D-72)
  22. Nava Navamsha (D-81)
  23. Ashtotoramsha (D-108)
  24. Dvadash Dvadashamsha (D-144)


Varshaphala is prediction system of vedic astrology for each year of ones life. It is calculated according to the actual moment when Ravi (Sy) annually returns to the same position where it was at birth time. This is a Tajika jyotish system. In all charts in Varshaphal tab you can see graha drishti (aspects) according to Tajika jyotish system.

Following elements are included in varshaphala tab -

  1. main varshaphala chart for selected year (D-1),
  2. detailed information of grahas,
  3. specific varshaphala information (year lord, muntha, munthesha, janma lagna pati, varsha lagna pati, tri-rashi pati, dina ratri-pati),
  4. special mudda dasha,
  5. vimshottari dasha for selected year,
  6. navansha (D-9),
  7. tajika yogas,
  8. panchavargiya bala,
  9. sahams.


Jaimini system has its own system of drishti (aspects). Program Shiva Jyotisha Professional visualizes graha drishti according to Jaimini jyotisha system..

Jaimini section of program contains the following information -

  1. Main Chart (D-1),
  2. Karakas,
  3. Arudha Grahas and Padas,
  4. Navansha (D-9),
  5. Drekkana (D-3),
  6. Dashamsha (D-10),
  7. Chara dasha


In program Jyotisha Pro we have created separate Muhurta tab - for successful finding of favorable time. All elements in Muhurtas tab are analized against main horoscope.

Muhurta section contains following elements -

  1. main chart of muhurta muhurtas and janma kundali (D-1)
  2. information of muhurta and janma kundali (location of graha in degrees, nakshatra, pada, tarabala, avastha, special statuses like pushkara, gandanta, ucha, neecha etc.)
  3. muhurta information and janma kundali information (vaara, hora, tithi, yoga, nakshatra, karana, tara, chandra bala, muhurta, panchakam, samvatsara, maasa, yogi, avayogi, dagdha rashi, bhrigu bindu, gotra).
  4. analysis of 21 mahadosha
  5. time tool

Panchanga calendar

Panchang calendar of Shiva Jyotisha Pro consists of more than classical 5 elements. Panchanga contains following elements:

  1. Vaara (day that starts with sunrise)
  2. Suriya information (sunrise and sunset for following date for selected place)
  3. Tithi and swara (Ida, Pingala, direction) information. You can see tithi start time. Unfavourable tithis are marked red.
  4. Karana. Unfavourable karana is marked red. The start time of karana is given.
  5. Yogas. Unfavourable yogas are marked red. The start time of yoga is given.
  6. Nakshatra - you can see start time. Unfavourable nakshatras are marked red (the column of tarabala).
  7. To analyze individual panchanga, you can select previously saved chart and get additional elements:
    1. Tarabala. Unfavourable elements are marked red.
    2. Chandra bala - included in Chandra rashi analyses, marking unfavourable Chandra bala in red.
  8. Chandra (Ch) rashi. Given time when Chandra changes rashi.
  9. Start times of Lagna for given date and location.
  10. Kalams - Rahu, Gulika and Yama Dhantaka.
  11. Abhijit muhurta.

In Panchanga there is option to see actual minified chart (D-1 and D-9) for start time of any element in Panchanga calendar. It is very useful in practical working with consulting, selecting best muhurta etc. It saves a lot of time.

Calendar of Remedies

Calendar of remedies is available in expanded panchanga as search function. Everyone following criteria of remedies can select the elements in search functionality. System will give you appropriate timings, when elements will meet the criteria set by user.

For example, you can filter Shani vaara and Vishti karana that is ruled by Sa to accomplish certain actions. This functionality gives you option in very short period of time analyse huge amount of data. Doing it by hand will take you lot of time. System will do it for you in seconds.

Anukulya - compatibility

Anukoolya - ancient compatibility analysing system of to persons.

You should have birth data of man and woman - place of birth, date and time. In less than a second system will analyze in details compatibility between these two persons, using ashtakuta, dashakuta and lagna kuta systems. Within these systems there will be analyzed following parameters:

  1. Varnakuta
  2. Vashja
  3. Dinakuta / Tarabala
  4. Yonikuta
  5. Grahamaitri
  6. Gana
  7. Rashikuta
  8. Nadikuta
  9. Mahendra
  10. Stri Dirgha
  11. Rajju
  12. Vedha
  13. Kuja dosha
  14. Papagraha dosha
  15. Lagnakuta
  16. Lagneshakuta
  17. 7th bhavas
  18. Rulers of 7th bhavas
  19. Rulers of 8th bhavas
  20. All grahas
  21. Lagna and Chandra
  22. Shukra and Mangala
  23. Shukrakuta

Calculator of degrees

Calculator of Degrees is a small tool for practitioners who like to calculate various degrees of planets etc. In Calculator you may add or subtract degrees, obtaining results in degrees within rashi.

In Calculator of Degrees you can convert decimal degrees to degrees minutes and seconds and vice versa.

Detailed Shadbala

Detailed Shadbala includes following elements -

  1. Uchcha bala
  2. Saptavargiya bala
  3. Ojayyugma Bala
  4. Kendradi bala
  5. Drekkana bala
  6. Sthana bala
  7. Dig bala
  8. Nathonnata bala
  9. Paksha bala
  10. Tri-bhaga bala
  11. Varsha bala
  12. Maasa bala
  13. Vaara bala
  14. Hora bala
  15. Ayana bala
  16. Juddha bala
  17. Kaala bala
  18. Chesta bala
  19. Naisargika bala
  20. Drik bala
  21. Ishta Phala
  22. Kashta Phala


System Shiva Jyotisha Pro calculates following upagrahas -

  1. Pranapada (Pr)
  2. Parivesha (Pv)
  3. Dhoomah (Dh)
  4. Gulika (Gk)
  5. Kaala (Ka)
  6. Mandi (Mn)
  7. Vyatipaata (Vy)
  8. Indra Chaapa (Cp)
  9. Upaketu (Uk)
  10. Yamaghnataka (Ya)

Extended horoscope information

Extended horoscope information includes following analyses of grahas and horoscope detailed situation:

  1. Vaara
  2. Hora
  3. Tithi
  4. Yoga
  5. Nakshatra
  6. Karana
  7. Muhurta
  8. Panchaka
  9. Nadika
  10. Samvatsara
  11. Maasa
  12. Yogi
  13. Avajogi
  14. Sahajogi
  15. Daghda rashi
  16. Bhrigu Bindu
  17. Gotra
  18. Chandra Vela
  19. Chandra Avastha
  20. Chandra Kriya


Shiva Jyotisha Professional automatically calculates many dashas. There is main dasha for Kaaliyuga as stated by Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra and many more that must be used analyzing horoscope. There are many rules that must be followed by selecting appropriate and usable dashas. Program SJP will automatically follow stated rules and applicability of different dashas. Appropriate dashas will be shown automatically. At the moment there are following dashas:

  1. Vinshottari Dasha
  2. Ashtottari Dasha
  3. Shodashottari Dasha
  4. Dwadashottari Dasha
  5. Panchottari Dasha
  6. Shatabdik Dasha
  7. Chaturashiti-sama Dasha
  8. Dwisaptati-sama Dasha
  9. Shastihayani Dasha
  10. ShatTrimshatSama Dasha
  11. Chara Dasha
  12. Mudda Dasha

Sayana Tab

In Sayana Tab, you can look at the horoscope according to the authentic Sayana system. In Sayana mode chakras, vargas, different dashas, ashtakavarga can be seen. Our Sayana system is unique because the planetary positions are presented according to the Sayana system, but the nakshatras of grahas are shown in an integrated way according to the nirayana system, creating a user-friendly horoscope situation analysis.

In the Sayana tab you can use a unique Sayana Bhāva Chakra.


Vedic numerology. Numerological calculations of date of birth.

Our system calculates the numbers of Jiva, Dharma, Karma, the number of year, as well as various additional numbers, for example, by determining the number of the main problem in life.

It is possible to calculate the numerological meaning of text and numbers.

Letters have different numerological values in different languages. The program has the built in option to select a language to find the appropriate numerological meaning. It is clear that this is absolutely necessary, because in English and German the same letter can be pronounced completely differently, so it has different vibrations depending on the language. Our program takes this into account. Several languages are currently available, but we do not have all languages. Additional languages will be available upon request by our users.